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This is the contents of the rule booklet as supplied with a set of Corx. The rules are also availible for downloading as a 893 KB PDF (Adobe Acrobat File).



Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber) which grows in the sunny south of Portugal, Spain and North Africa. The bark is harvested every 10 years and the trees can live for hundreds of years.

Micro bubbles of gas within the cork provide us with a unique set of characteristics.

The core is elastic yet also dampens vibrations; natural grip and heat insulation provide a tactile feel. Cork resists liquid, fire and gas.


Corx is a dynamic game of skill, angles and action. The concept/invention of skillfully 'dropping and scoring' is totally original and derivative of no previous idea in the history of games.

It could have been an ancient art. It has characteristics of Zen.


The game involves dropping the two Corx simultaneously from your fingers onto a flat, relatively smooth surface with the purpose of trying to stand both Corx on their ends.

Place the Corx horizontally on a flat smooth surface. Lift them 3-4 inches and drop both Corx simultaneously.


For 'blacks up'... angle the red end down slightly, for 'reds up' angle the black ends down.

Points are scored on standing Corx only...

It's harder to stand the Corx up on the 'thin' ends than the 'fat' ends and so the scoring is as follows.

  • 1 Red = 1 point
  • 1 Black = 2 points
  • 2 Reds = 2 points
  • 1 Red & 1 Black = 3 points
  • 2 Blacks = 4 points

There are a number of different games that you can play with Corx.


(this is a two player game)

Players take turns in dropping the Corx with the aim to accumulate exactly 21 points.

To establish who begins the game, players drop one of the Corx (known as a 'drop in'). Highest score starts.

During competition loser of the last game starts the next.

However, a player must win by at least two clear points. With a score of 17 you are in the zone, requiring exactly four to win (double black).

Be careful when in the zone not to score more than 21 as you will go 'bust' and your score remains unchanged eg. a double black from 18 means you stay at 18.

If play goes to 20-20, a state of deuce is declared.

Play continues until the margin between the two scores is 2 points.

A set is best of three games.

A match is best of three sets.


Big Break (a solo game)

A fun way to improve your skill level is to 'tune in' and go for the big break. Go solo and be at one with your Corx to score as many points as you can. The break ends when you fail to score on a drop (flop). Aim for a century (100).

Corx one 0 one

This game requires stamina and strategy. It's the first to 101. You will need a pen and paper to keep score. It is a game for two or more players. Normal 'drop in' procedures apply. This time use both Corx to establish who starts, then head clockwise. Player one drops the Corx and stays on until they (a) stick or (b) flop.

A player only registers points on the board by 'sticking'. The idea is to 'stick' before you 'flop'.

If, for instance you've accumulated a 'break' of 14 over five drops and decide to go for more, you risk losing the lot by flopping... 0-15 points is a wise stick.

It's good strategy to build the 'point blocks' carefully.

There's a fine line between ambition and greed. Toe it carefully. Like classic Corx you must finish exactly on 101.

One minute table

Score as many double blacks as you can in 60 seconds!

It's you and Corx against the clock.


Pure Six

The least number of drops to get to 21 ie 5 double blacks and then a single red. Any other 6 drop combination is an 'unpure 6'.

Corx Devil

If, in competition you score 3 consecutive pure sixes (666) you can call yourself a Corx devil.

Out The Box

When player 1 opens the scoring with a double black.


When an opponent responds with a double black.

In the strike zone

When you're within four points of 21 and can 'out' on your next drop.

Outta sight

When one player is 'cruisin' ahead of the other.

In the frame

Is to stay within 4 points of your opponent.

Locked On form

Consistently scoring.

Check your Zen

A seemingly effortless flow of hand, eye and mind co-ordination. You'll know when you get 'there' and so will your opponent.


To score nothing on a drop.


To add a little flavour to the game, you can heckle your opponent. But don't give it if you can't take it.


When one cork knocks over the other.

Red Elvis

There's bound to be one in every town. They're the ones with annoying habits and traits.

It may be the way they drop their Corx or a disrespect of etiquette... Whatever it is, don't let it get you down - and tell them they're a RED ELVIS!

Red Eye

A single Corx drop scoring 1 point (red) to finish.

Black Eye

A single Corx drop scoring 2 points (black) to finish.

Hurdi Bitde Burdi

3 consecutive double blacks in competition named after the legendary Swedish player famed for wearing Reindeer skin gloves when playing Corx.

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Buy Your Corx Now

Limited Edition Corx Boy Corx Girl Set Just £7.99
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